Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 4 – June 10, 2015 – Weeks 13, in Nauvoo

June 11, 2015

Not too much to report this week, except we had a very strong storm go through here last Sunday.  Lots of heavy rain with lots of wind and lightning and thunder!  At least one big limb came down from a tree and blocked the road, and our computers didn’t have internet service at Lands and Records on Monday.  Don’t think there was any more damage, just a lot of shattered nerves!  

We were in our Sunset by the Mississippi show last night which we performed in the Theater in the Visitors Center instead of the outdoor stage because it was too hot and muggy - 103 with the heat index, and rain expected.  The BYU Young ambassadors were performing ourside at 8:30, so we went over to watch them and boy IT was hot - until a breeze started and then lightning began brightening up the sky.  they announced that they wold stop if it started raining, and the show was finally stopped a little after 9:00 and three songs early.  The anouncer said, "There is a severe lightning storm approaching with heavy rain, so leave quickly and seek shelter immediatel!  So everyone hurried to their cars and left.  We stopped with friends for ice cream at Annie's, and there was lightning and thunder all night, but little rain until morning.  Thre is always excitement around here.

Three of us Sisters have been asked to be Site Assistants at the Lands and Records.  We have a meeting this afternoon to plan how we will handle the rush of people this summer.  We each work there twice a week, which I really like as you know how much I love doing research and helping people. 
Monday night after our two Rendezvous shows we attended an 80th birthday Party for Elder Clark
 Party guests in costumes after play....
– a lot of us didn’t get there until 9:30.   

Elder Clark giving a Mark Twain reading...... 

 The Nauvoo Brass bands travels around Old Nauvoo in a wagon pulled by two horses,
 and I finally had my camera with me when they were playing outside the Cultural Hall.   

It is Thursday evening now and it is raining hard again with lightning and thunder - in fact there are flash flood warnings for area's around us.  I don't think we are in danger here, but we do have a show tonight and we have to be outside to get back and forth to the stage in the Cultural Hall.
P.S. We got through the show with only a few sprinklers on us, but the lightning and thunder show is still on!  Ohhh, there goes more thunder!!! 

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