Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 11 – June 24, 2015 – Weeks 14-15, in Nauvoo

June 24, 2015

Our neighbor Nelda and three of her daughters came to Nauvoo on the 17th, and they came to our Sunset show last Wednesday and we got to visit with them after the show.  They stayed afterwards to watch the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, and so did we.  The dancers are wonderful!   We got to see Nelda every day they were here, and it was so much fun!

On Saturday, June 20th,  marked our three month anniversary here in Nauvoo1  We did our play, Sunset on The Mississippi in the outdoor theater on that night, and during our prayer meeting before the show, Sister Lisa Brown, our director, told us that the incoming storm was being watched closely, and if we needed to leave early some acts would be deleted or they would just cancel the rest of the show.   As the night progressed the clouds kept getting darker and darker.  The Young Performing Missionaries do an act where they have a pretend Tornado warning.  They announce, “This is a test of the Nauvoo early tornado warning system.” And then they all sing in unison….BLAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.  Then they announce, “If this had been a real warning, you would have seen this:”  and they all start yelling and running around the stage and then run off in total confusion.   Well, tonight as they started running around  the Band director yelled, “Wrap it!” and we all jumped up and started leaving in a hurry, grabbing mike’s and equipment for shelter.  The wind had become really strong and a few drops were coming down.   Perfect timing, but I wonder if the audience thought it was actually a real tornado warning, although in the confusion I think they were already headed out before we were.  We got home before the hard rain actually started.   We had lots of rain and lightning and thunder long into the night. 

Another thunder storm last night.  We have had lots of them, and the storms have saturated the ground so flash flooding is possible.  We did not experience any, but some of the missionary homes had flooded basements.  Today we had heavy rain this morning as we went to our 7:45 training meeting, but it cleared up and it was actually sunny later in the day.  

We went to the Visitors Center and took some photo’s of the statues in the Women’s Garden. There are 9 statues.  

This statue is titled: 

    Joseph and Emma

The above is titled:   Woman,


              and this one is: Joyful Moment. 

It is our P-day and we finally got the chance to watch the musical The Promise performed by the Young Performing Missionaries.  They are so talented and this play can only be seen until August 8th.  Go to:!summer-shows-/c1n4o to see a little about all the summer shows. 

We even got to do our whole show in the open theater tonight.  NO RAIN!  We have had rain every week since we got here, and sometimes three or four times a week – some of the storms now are with the temperatures in the 70’ and 80’s.    You can imagine how that feels!

Looking forward to more visits with family and friends. 

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