Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 29 - April 7, 2015 – Week 4: in Nauvoo

As usual this last week and a half has gone quickly.  Out P-day is now on Wednesday, so I will try to update my blog on Wednesday instead of Saturday. 
On Monday March 30th Sister Barbara attended the annual Prairie Burn here in Nauvoo – Elder Ray was home in bed so he only got to see the pictures. Everyone gathers for The Burn, local folks, visitors and missionaries, to have  hot dogs and trimmings, and watch the Nauvoo Fire Department set fire to an acre plot of un-mowed prairie grass.  

It is beginning......
too hot.......
then it is over....

It is amazing how quickly it burns and one can only speculate how frightening it would be for those long ago pioneers who faced such dangers.  It took about four minutes from start to finish to burn the grasses, and believe me, it was scorching HOT when the fire got to across the street from where most of us spectators were standing.  The crowd quickly moved back. 

Elder Ray is feeling better and the illness that was going through the community has reached its peak and I don’t think any new cases are being reported.  Fortunately I missed this one. 
We continue to give tours at the sites, and are feeling more comfortable in doing them. 
The Lion Drug and Variety Store....

the drug and herb shelves.

We are less confident of our songs we sing (sometimes just pretending!) in the Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo one hour production.  I have performed three times and Ray twice.  Monday night we joined the practices for the Sunset On the Mississippi production.  Less singing more dancing.   I know you are laughing as you try to imagine us old folks doing these things.  We may not be the oldest missionaries here, but there are only a couple that are older. 

There are three casts made up of the missionaries and each do two night of Rendezvous and two nights of Sunset. Both productions are performed every night except Sunday, but in different locations. So each cast winds up doing plays four nights a week.
Six new missionary couples arrived last Friday, and are the new newbies, and we are so glad they are here.  Yesterday I worked four different sites with Sister Thomas and we had to give tours at all of them.  More missionaries are coming in this Friday and the next, and when they are all trained we will not have to work more than one site at a time. 
It is Spring break for lots of folks and there were about 60 people here yesterday from Atlanta, Georgia alone.  Summer brings about 3000 a day when the pageants are going on.   
You can go to: and find out what all is going on this summer. There are the two pageants in July plus other things, so you will have lots to see and do when you come.  

We are loving meeting people from all over the world, and telling them about Nauvoo, and the love those Saints had for the Savior and his Gospel that brought them here. 
We may trip once in a while (especially on these long full skirts!) but we are still running! 

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