Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 23 - April 29, 2015 – Week 7: in Nauvoo

It has been an eventful week here in Nauvoo.  On Monday I worked at the Lands and Records again.  I really enjoy working there.  We help folks find their ancestors who lived in Nauvoo from 1839 through 1845, and learn about them and where they lived.  Sometimes they are surprised to know that they did have ancestors here, and sometimes they already know but want to learn more about them, and our database has histories, maps, stories and some genealogies.  We were quite busy and I got to help people find info on their ancestors who were in Nauvoo, and burn all the information we have onto a CD for them.  One of the Temple workers came in about 4:30 seeking some information, and he mentioned that there are two graves to the North of us in the grass area and did we know about them.  We didn’t so he took us to them so we could see where they were.  They are for a mother, Maria McMenemy (sp?), who died on the same day in 1843 as her stillborn baby was born.  We went back to the office and looked her up and found her and her family, but the baby is not listed – stillborn babies usually are not. But we did find that her other two children died that same year or the following.  Times were very hard for them and they endured much.  It is special to me to remember them and see the love that their descendants have for them. 
Elder Ray finished his shift at the Brickyard at 3:00 Monday so he went to Keokuk to get gas in the car and had it washed, then picked me up at 5:00.   We decided to go out for our anniversary  because we couldn’t on Wednesday as we are in the Rendezvous play that night.  We chose the Nauvoo Hotel but they were closed for dinner, but the lady there told us about the Hawkeye Restaurant in Keokuk and we went there and had a very nice meal of filet mignon, sweet potato French fries and Ray had cheese soup and I had the salad bar. 

Right after eating Elder Ray started having pain in his chest – it was gas build up and subsided when he belched the gas up, but it always came back and was very painful.  The next day Ray saw our mission Doctor  and he wanted Ray to go to the hospital emergency and be checked out.  So we drove to the Fort Madison Community Hospital about 15 miles away, arriving there between 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. They took him in right away, hooked him up for an EKG and took a chest x-ray and determined that he was not having a heart attack.  They then took an x-ray of his lower abdomen and the results showed something similar to what Dr. Udall thought it was, and it was decided to do a cat-scan of the area.  Nothing showed up with that so they said they could not tell what was causing his problem and sent us home about 4:00 p.m., suggesting that he eat only liquids the rest of the day, and only soft foods Wednesday and see what happens.  
Elder’s Stroud and Riemann came Tuesday evening and gave him a blessing.   Ray woke up Wednesday completely well, and we can now testify that Nauvoo Miracles do happen here.  We have heard many stories of them, and now we know for ourselves the Lord truly blesses us as we serve.

And we are so glad he is better!

 I ordered a cake and we picked it up this afternoon and took it to Annie’s, the local ice cream parlor, and after the Rendezvous show, about 60 of our new friends here at Nauvoo gathered with us there to help us celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary..... was a lot of fun to share our special day with them!

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